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The idea of creating such Minecraft plugin’s library, originated from the development of the RValue class in Java.

I had just finished working on my NarutoUHC Minecraft plugin, that I realized if I wanted to create more UHC plugins, I had to abstract the process as much as possible.

Tech stack

Developer’s Documentation

I worked on a documentation made for developers who wanted to use this project to create their own UHC game modes.

You can find it here

Note: the documentation is still [Work In Progress]

Project definition

The project is divided in two parts.

Note: When I first started working on the project I had the idea of selling the Library implementation, and keeping the project closed-source

Dependency injection

This is the core-feature of the library, allow dependency injection as much as possible, to push the Java’s objet oriented programming to its limits.

Therefore, everything implemented, can be changed by other plugins implementing the library.


Here’s a list of features available in the RqndomUHC plugin’s library:

How to create a team system?

Your UHC plugins needs a team system? No problem, just follow me: